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Cross-Browser Rounded Corners Overview


Theres no shortage of techniques for achieving cross-browser rounded corners. Most of the techniques involve taking an otherwise simple box and adding markup and CSS until all browsers (IE 6+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) agree to round the corners. Of course the great hope today is to use CSS3 techniques such as border-radius or multiple backgrounds and of course those approaches won't work in Internet Explorer 8 or below. Ironically, one of the best places to find some of the old school CSS solutions is on the MSDN page describing border-radius . For modern browsers, the border-radius property will do a good job of rounding corners. To support all browsers some clever techniques will need to be used.

Using SASS With the 1KB Grid System


The 1KB CSS Grid is a simplified grid system and is one of many dozens of different grids available. I started using a personal variant of this grid system recently because it seemed like a very simple code-base to understand. A common complaint about CSS grids is that they require classes in the markup that aren't much different that simply hard-coding widths in a style attribute. Of course SASS can help remove that complaint and makes grids even more flexible. Here's a tour of the 1KB CSS Grid, modified to suit my tastes and rewritten in SASS.